Official Rules of the 2020 Top of the Rockies Contest

Welcome to the 2020 Top of the Rockies contest!

Administered for more than a decade by SPJ Colorado Pro on behalf of SPJ chapters in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Wyoming.

For more information and questions: Contest Chair Deb Hurley Brobst (Note new e-mail address: is available to answer contest-related questions.


Contest opens: Monday, Dec. 16, 2019

Contest closes: Deadline extended to 10 p.m. Mountain Time on Saturday, Feb. 1, 2020

Note: Four videography categories have been added, effective Dec. 20, 2019. They are listed at the bottom of this document. Deadlines for ALL categories remain as originally set (see above). 

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Campbell Named Editor of Denverite

By Dave Burdick
Colorado Public Radio

Jan. 28, 9:44 a.m.

Ana Campbell

Denverite’s new editor will be Ana Campbell, a leader who has experience directing coverage in Denver, a priority for telling stories of all of Denver’s communities in ways that will be recognizable and meaningful to them.

She has the kind of voice Denverite readers have grown to expect, and an understanding of what makes Denverite special.

“Denverite captures this city unlike any other news outlet,” Ana says. “You never know what to expect when you visit, and I am so looking forward to guiding that magic.”

Dave [Sachs], Kevin [Beaty], Donna [Bryson] and Esteban [Hernandez] do the work of a large, multifaceted newsroom, and their stories start and change conversations everywhere from Park Hill to the City and County Building.”

Campbell will come to Denverite from Westword, where she has been managing editor since the middle of 2016. She succeeds Ashley Dean, who resigned to move to New Orleans.

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Bob Lafley, Veteran CPR Voice, Dies at 74

By Daniel Mescher

Colorado Public Radio

January 28, 2020

Bob Lafley

A beloved and longtime voice at Colorado Public Radio is now silent. Classical and news host Bob Lafley has died of cancer at age 74.

When you heard Lafley speak, it was hard to imagine him in any line of work other than radio. His deep voice, warm presence and knack for storytelling drew listeners in.

“His very calm, smooth, soothing demeanor was exactly the same in real life,” said Sean Nethery, CPR’s senior vice president of programming.

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John Davidson, formerly of The Post and the Rocky, Dies at 72


The Denver Post

PUBLISHED: January 25, 2020 at 2:12 pm | UPDATED: January 25, 2020 at 2:45 pm

John Davidson, a life-long journalist and former editor at the Rocky Mountain News and The Denver Post, died Thursday morning [Jan. 23, 2020]  at The Denver Hospice from complications related to dementia. He was 72.

Davidson was known as an old-school, polished editor who worked wonders with copy, was a stickler for details and a champion of the reporters who worked with him.

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The Late Jim Lehrer's Rules for Journalists

Jim Lehrer, the veteran PBS broadcaster who died Thursday [Jan. 23, 2020], held himself to strict standards. Lehrer, who co-founded PBS News Hour, held himself to these rules:

  • Do nothing I cannot defend.
  • Cover, write and present every story with the care I would want if the story were about me.
  • Assume there is at least one other side or version to every story.
  • Assume the viewer is as smart and as caring and as good a person as I am.
  • Assume the same about all people on whom I report.
  • Assume personal lives are a private matter, until a legitimate turn in the story absolutely mandates otherwise.
  • Carefully separate opinion and analysis from straight news stories, and clearly label everything.
  • Do not use anonymous sources or blind quotes, except on rare and monumental occasions. No one should ever be allowed to attack another anonymously.
  • And, finally, I am not in the entertainment business.

Media Tribute at Colorado Legislature

By SPJ Colorado Pro

Dan Petty, president of the Denver Press Club, passes along this message from State Rep. (and Press Club Member) Lisa Cutter (D-Jefferson County):

“I’m doing a media tribute on the House floor this Wednesday (plan between 9-10 a.m.) and want to invite my media friends from the Club. I’m trying to get a bench on the house floor for media guests, and they can also sit in the gallery.”