In Miami: Will Investigate for $1.5 Million in Contributions

From The Miami Herald Investigative Lab

The Miami Herald Investigative Lab hopes to create one of the largest independent investigative teams in the country. This team will call for greater accountability through its reporting, and will engage the public, stakeholders and key sources.

But first, it needs $500,000 to get started, and a total of $1.5 million. You can contribute here.

An ABC News Gaffe — and an Apology

From SPJ National

ABC News aired a video on Oct. 13 that it thought was of a Turkish attack against the Kurds in Northern Syria but actually was a military gun demonstration in Kentucky from 2017.

ABC obtained the video from an outside source, and it’s unclear whether the video was slightly manipulated before it obtained the footage.

The SPJ Code of Ethics states journalists should “take responsibility for the accuracy of their work. Verify information before releasing it.” It also instructs journalists to “acknowledge mistakes and correct them promptly and prominently.”

 Although ABC could have taken further steps to verify the footage, it did take the video down immediately when it became unclear whether the footage was accurate. It also issued a correction on Twitter saying it “regrets the error.”   

Grants of $5,000-$25,000 Offered for Projects Building Community Through Local News

The Facebook Journalism Project Community Network in partnership with The Lenfest Institute for Journalism opened its final 2019 grant application window. This program offers grants ranging from $5,000 to $25,000 and is designed to support individuals and organizations that are building community through local news. More than 40 grants have been awarded to organizations around the country already. The deadline to apply is Nov. 6.

SPJ National Condemns Video Showing Violence Toward Journalists

INDIANAPOLIS – The Society of Professional Journalists joins other news organizations (Oct. 14, 2019) and pro-press groups in condemning a video that depicts a meme of President Donald Trump shooting, stabbing and otherwise assaulting members of the news media and various political opponents.

SPJ further calls on the president to denounce the video; determine who created it; and investigate possible penalties against the creator. The video was shown at a weekend conference of a pro-Trump group called American Priority, attended by supporters at the Trump National Doral Miami.

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How a Little-Known Radio Station in Fort Collins Might One Day Save the World


An array of radio towers sits behind security fences amid farms and pastures north of Fort Collins. This is home to WWV, the country’s oldest radio call letters. The station’s high-frequency broadcasts can be heard around the globe if you have the right kind of radio.

Now playing: pulsing sounds, every second, followed by an announcement of the exact time.

The station is run by the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, which is home to the atomic clock. WWV is capable of more than telling time. It could, if need be, save the world.

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Small Iowa Paper in Financial Trouble After Reporting on Local Cop

The Carroll Times Herald dug out information on a local cop, who resigned before publication, then sued — and lost.

But the cost of the legal defense put the small Iowa paper in precarious financial position. Meagan Flynn of The Washington Post has the story. Also, Whitney Blakemore covered the story for TV station WHO in Des Moines.

The Times Herald is trying to raise money through a Go Fund Me effort.