SPJ Colorado Bylaws

Article I – Definitions

“Chapter” shall refer to the professional chapter of the National Society located in Colorado. The name of the chapter shall be “Colorado Professional Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. “Meetings” as used herein shall mean regularly called meetings or special meetings authorized by the chapter Board of Directors.

Article II – Meetings

There shall be regular meetings of the chapter as often as is practicable, but no fewer than one general membership meeting each year. The President and/or the Board of Directors shall be authorized to call special meetings. Notice of each meeting shall be sent by mail, e-mail or telephone to the recorded address of each member. For the transaction of chapter business at any regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting, a quorum shall consist of no fewer than one more than half of the members of the Board in good standing. For the transaction of any chapter business at any general membership meeting, a quorum shall consist of no fewer than twelve members in good standing.

Article III – Procedure

Bylaws may be amended only by a two-thirds majority of accredited members voting at a meeting and/or voting by mail and e-mail. Notice of proposed amendments must be given in writing to all members at least seven days before the voting period begins.

Article IV – Officers

The officers of the chapter shall be: President; President-Elect, Secretary; and Treasurer. Each officer shall be elected for a term of two years, staggered so that half the terms expire each year, and shall serve from July 1 to June 30 of the second successive year. The Secretary shall notify National Headquarters of the new officers elected and date they take office.

Article V – Nominations and Appointments

At least one month before the election of officers, the President shall appoint a nominating committee to nominate officers. The President may appoint such other committees as s/he deems necessary.

Article VI – Board of Directors

The chapter shall have a Board of Directors consisting of the four regular officers. Additional directors may be nominated and elected for two-year terms at the discretion of the President, with Board approval. The immediate Past President of the chapter shall be one of these directors. The Board shall be responsible for general direction and planning of all the chapter’s activities. The President of the chapter shall be chairman of the board. Vacancies among officers and directors shall be filled until the next regular election by majority vote of the directors.

The President, President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer shall constitute an Executive Committee authorized by the full board to make decisions on matters that need immediate attention, including financial commitments of no greater than $250. Actions by the Executive Committee shall be shared with the full board at the next board meeting following the action.

The full board at its discretion may, by a two-thirds vote, remove a director or officer who it determines has failed to actively participate in Colorado Pro Chapter activities, including board meetings.

Article VII – Membership

All professional members of the Society of Professional Journalists in good standing with the National Society shall be eligible for membership in the Colorado Professional Chapter.

Article VIII – Convention

The chapter shall be represented at each National Convention by the number of delegates allowed by the National Society, but at least one and, if possible, an alternate delegate elected by the chapter and in good standing with the National Society.

Article IX – Dues and Fees

Chapter dues shall be established by the Board of Directors and shall be payable upon joining or renewing membership with the National Society.

Article X – Duties

            The President shall: preside at all meetings; provide impetus and leadership to chapter programs and goals; act as spokesman for the chapter in all matters or delegate such responsibility to specific committees and certain areas; and, when the chapter so directs, act as delegate to the National Convention.

            The President-elect shall: perform all the duties of the President in the absence of the President, shall serve out the President’s term should the President become disabled or resign.

The Secretary shall: maintain a log including meeting dates, program and pertinent business transacted; maintain an up-to-date roster of all members with notation of their status insofar as both local and national dues are concerned; send out meeting notices and other communications as directed by the President or as required by the National Society.

The Treasurer shall: keep an accurate account of the financial condition of the chapter for reporting to the Board of Directors and the membership as requested.

The Sunshine Chair shall be the Colorado representative to the national Project Sunshine committee and serve as one of the Chapter’s representatives on the Colorado Freedom of Information Council.

            By-laws adopted 1964; amended 1972, 1987, 1993, 2005, 2008.