Denver Press Club

The Historic Denver Press Club, dating to 1867, is the nation’s oldest press club. It is at 1330 Glenarm Place, Denver.

Hall of Fame Inductees


  • Sam Adams, sportswriter and columnist for the Rocky Mountain News and The Denver Post; and radio and TV personality
  • Tina Griego, columnist for The Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News and managing editor, Colorado Independent
  • Mike Landess, TV anchor for KUSA, KMGH
  • John Sunderland, photographer and photo editor, The Denver Post
  • Bob Martin (posthumous), Denver broadcaster


  • Jerry Bell, KOA
  • Greg Moore, editor, The Denver Post
  • Janet Reeves, photo editor, Rocky Mountain News
  • Anne Trujillo, KMGH-TV news anchor
  • John Temple, editor, Rocky Mountain News
  • Lowell Thomas, (posthumous) reporter, The Denver Post; international journalist


  • Adele Arakawa, reporter and anchor, KUSA
  • Dean Singleton, owner and publisher, The Denver Post
  • Irv Moss, sports writer, The Denver Post
  • Greg Dobbs 
  • Craig F. Walker, The Denver Post
  • Frances Foster, (posthumous)


  • Floyd Ciruli, Ciruli Associates
  • Patti Dennis, Gannet TV
  • Carl Miller, reporter and city editor, The Denver Post; Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Colorado
  • Dave Krieger, editorial page editor, Boulder Daily Camera; writer and columnist, Rocky Mountain News and The Denver Post
  • Mary Chase, (posthumous) author of “Harvey”


  • Lynn Bartels, reporter for Rocky Mountain News and The Denver Post
  • Mary Chandler, writer and critic, Rocky Mountain News
  • Rich Clarkson, assistant managing editor for The Denver Post; Clarkson Creative
  • Mike Keefe, The Denver Post
  • Damon Runyon, (posthumous) legendary Denver and national journalist and writer


  • Al Nakkula, (posthumous) reporter, Rocky Mountain News
  • Vincent Carroll, editorial writer and editorial page editor, Rocky Mountain News, The Denver Post
  • Peggy Lowe, Rocky Mountain News, The Denver Post
  • Mark Stutz, Xcel Energy
  • Robert Threlkeld, Rocky Mountain News, The Denver Post


  • Michael Balfe Howard, editor, Rocky Mountain News
  • Gary Gerhardt, reporter, Rocky Mountain News; author
  • Joseph S. Sinisi, reporter, The Denver Post
  • Garrett Ray, editor, Littleton Independent; jounalism faculty member, Colorado State University – Fort Collins
  • Pocky Marranzino Sr.,(posthumous) Rocky Mountain News
  • Eugene Field, Denver Tribune


  • John Dunning, author and journalist
  • Bertha Lynn, KMGH-TV and KWGN-TV
  • Carl Hilliard, The Associated Press
  • Kevin Flynn, reporter, Rocky Mountain News
  • Father Woody (Bert Woodrich), Archdiocese of Denver
  • Frederick G. Bonfils, (posthumous) co-owner, The Denver Post
  • Harry H. Tammen, (posthumous) co-owner of The Denver Post


  • Gwin Johnston, founder of Johnston Wells Public Relations
  • Bruce Goldberg, former president of the Denver Press Club; and associate editor, Denver Business Journal
  • Ned High, broadcasting and public relations veteran
  • Jean Otto, editorial page editor, Rocky Mountain News; first female national president of Society of Professional Journalists
  • Leonard “Buzz” Larsen, Washington correspondent, The Denver Post
  • Polly Pry (Leonel Ross Campbell Anthony O’Bryan), (posthumous) reporter, The Denver Post


  • Mike McPhee, reporter, The Denver Post
  • Cynthia Hessin, reporter and anchor, Rocky Mountain PBS
  • Neil Westergaard, editor, Denver Business Journal; and editor, The Denver Post
  • Bill Daniels, (posthumous) cable pioneer
  • Greg Pearson, journalism professor at Metropolitan State University of Denver
  • William Byers, (posthumous) founder of the Rocky Mountain News


  • Dick Kreck, columnist, The Denver Post; writer, Los Angeles Times
  • Marilyn Robinson, reporter, The Denver Post
  • Paula Woodward, investigative reporter, KUSA-TV
  • Harry Rhoads, photographer, Rocky Mountain News
  • Red Fenwick, (posthumous) “Ridin’ the Range” reporter, The Denver Post


  • Dick Woodbury, Denver correspondent for Time; reporter, The Denver Post
  • Joan White, reporter and section editor, The Denver Post
  • Denny Dressman, sports editor and vice president of human resources for the Rocky Mountain News; past president, Denver Press Club
  • Gil Spencer, editor of The Denver Post, New York Daily News and Philadelphia Daily News
  • Jack Foster, (posthumous) editor, Rocky Mountain News


  • Patricia Calhoun, co-founder, publisher and editor of Westword
  • John Ensslin, reporter for the Rocky Mountain News; past president, Denver Press Club
  • George Lane, reporter for The Denver Post
  • Jack Kisling, reporter and columnist for The Denver Post
  • Helen Bonfils, (posthumous) publisher of The Denver Post


  • Cle Cervi Symons, editor of Cervi’s Journal and past president of Denver Woman’s Press Club
  • Joe Fuentes, reporter for the Rocky Mountain News and public relations professional
  • Peter Blake, reporter and political columnist, Rocky Mountain News
  • Starr Yelland, (posthumous) anchor and broadcast pioneer for KMGHTV


  • Carl Akers
  • Lou Kilzer, reporter for Rocky Mountain News and The Denver Post
  • Bill Kostka, Jr.
  • Bill Peery


  • Dan Gibson
  • Greg Lopez, columnist for the Rocky Mountain News
  • Roger Ogden
  • Pat Oliphant
  • Ed Stein, political cartoonist for the Rocky Mountain News


  • Fred Brown, columnist and capitol bureau chief, The Denver Post; ethics chair for national Society of Professional Journalists; faculty member at University of Denver
  • Jim Conrad
  • Virginia Culver, reporter for The Denver Post
  • Sue O’Brien, editorial page editor for The Denver Post


  • Tom Pade
  • Ralph Moore
  • Joe McGowan, Jr., Denver chief of bureau, The Associated Press
  • Ed Sardella


  • Paul Conrad
  • Thomas Hornsby Ferrill
  • Edwin Palmer Hoyt
  • Jean Tool


  • Lee Casey
  • Hall Heffron
  • Ivan Rosenberg
  • Zeke Scher, reporter for The Denver Post


  • Isabelle Holmes
  • Sam Lusky
  • Dusty Saunders, reporter and columnist for the Rocky Mountain News


  • Tom Gavin
  • Don Kinney
  • Frances Melrose, reporter for the Rocky Mountain News
  • Dick Connor


  • Gene Amole, columnist for the Rocky Mountain News; radio station owner and personality; TV personality
  • Gene Cervi
  • Harry Farrar
  • Tom Gavin


  • Gene Fowler, Colorado journalist and author
  • Bill Hosokawa, editorial writer, magazine editor and writer for The Denver Post; ombudsman for the Rocky Mountain News
  • Bob Palmer
  • Reynelda Muse


  • 2019 — Bob Woodward
  • 2018 — Marty Baron
  • 2017 — David Simon
  • 2016 — Jill Abramson
  • 2015 — Norm Clarke
  • 2014 — Katie Couric
  • 2013 — Mike Lupica
  • 2012
  • 2011 — Anna Quindlen
  • 2010 — P.J. O’Rourke
  • 2009 — Rick Reilly
  • 2008 — Tim Russert
  • 2007 — Bob Costas
  • 2006 — George Will
  • 2005 — Seymour Hersh
  • 2004 — Carl Hiaasen
  • 2003 — Ed Bradley
  • 2002 — David Halberstam
  • 2001 — Tom Brokaw
  • 2000 — Maureen Dowd
  • 1999 — Ted Turner
  • 1998 — Pete Hamill
  • 1997 — Herb Caen
  • 1996 — Molly Ivins
  • 1995 — Mike Royko
  • 1994 — Jimmy Breslin