Multimedia Story

First Place: Jeff  Proctor, Andrew Becker, Sandra Fish, Trip Jennings, Jennifer LaFleur and Marjorie Childress of Reveal and New Mexico In Depth with Bail on NM ballot: Should money determine freedom?

Second Place: Mark Saal and Briana Scroggins of the Standard-Examiner with Utah’s first openly transgender teacher, partner tell story of love, transition

Third Place: Leia Larsen and Benjamin Zack of the Standard-Examiner with Utah’s Fruit Way: Famous farming district giving way to development

Online: General Website Excellence

First Place: Trip Jennings, Marjorie Childress, Sandra Fish, Jeff  Proctor and Laura Paskus of New Mexico In Depth Inc. for New Mexico In Depth

Second Place: Heath Haussamen of with NMPolitics.nets website 

Online: Blog

First Place: Jeffrey Roberts of the Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition with Freedom of Information Stories 

Second Place: Jared Whitley of Utah Policy with Whitleypedia – blog

Radio: General Broadcast Excellence

First Place: KUNC News Staff of KUNC with Loved to Death

Second Place: Elaine Baumgartel, Marisa Demarco, Anna Lande, Kaveh Mowahed and Jefferson White of KUNM Public Radio with KUNM Call In Show: Unpacking Trump’s Visit To N.M. 

Third Place: Willow Belden, Jordan Wirfs-Brock and Erin Jones of Out There with Out There

Radio: News Reporting

First Place: Luke Runyon of KUNC with With Hick’s Signature, Colorado’s Rain Barrel Banditry Will Come To An End 

Second Place: Marisa Demarco of KUNM Public Radio with ‘Get On The Ground!’ Boyd’s Last Moments Revisited In Trial 

Third Place: Ed Williams of KUNM Public Radio with LANLs Long Environmental Cleanup 

Radio: Enterprise Reporting

First Place: Ed Williams of KUNM Public Radio with Series: Danger Zone – Living In The Shadow Of Industry

Second Place: John Daley and Katherine Smith of Colorado Public Radio with Health and Climate Change Series

Third Place: Ann Marie Awad of KUNC with Colorado Veterans Hold Their Breath For The Right To Use Medical Marijuana

Radio: Feature Reporting

First Place: Marisa Demarco of KUNM Public Radio with Fetal Tissue Researchers Improve Preemie Care 

Second Place: Stacy Nick of KUNC with The Secret For The Best Sounding Native American Jingle Dress? Try Copenhagen Lids

Third Place: Ed Williams of KUNM Public Radio with Valle De Oro: An Experiment In Environmental Justice 

Television: General Broadcast Excellence

First Place: Jason Carter, Amy Gill and Brandon Applehans of Twelve Legs Marketing with RMAC Showcase: “South Dakota Mines Takeover”

Second Place: Megan Kamerick, Michael Kamins, Kevin McDonald, Kathy Wimmer, Aaron Sena and Antony Lostetter of KNME with Children, Trauma and Resiliency

Third Place: Jason Carter and Brandon Applehans of Twelve Legs Marketing with RMAC Showcase: “Adams State Takeover”

Television: News Reporting

First Place: Jason Carter of Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference with South Dakota Mines Programming

Second Place: Brandon Thompson of KREX TV with Breach of Collbran Landslide Remnants

Television: Feature Reporting

First Place: Kevin J. Beaty of Denverite1 with Denver Pridefest emcee DeMarcio Slaughter speaks to community in wake of Miami shootings